Sierra Leone

  • Hope for girls in Sierra Leone
  • Mellicentia has a dream
  • Isatu is inspiring girls and young mothers
  • Girls’ rights are also a matter for boys
  • Teenage mother Sarah now helps other victims
  • Fatmata is combatting sexual violence
  • Abeigel’s struggle against teenage pregnancies


  • Young activists are spreading knowledge and awareness
  • 'Knowledge is power,' says Nilofer, 'and power is freedom'
  • Divya is helping girls to start school
  • Helping fellow sufferers is now Uma’s greatest passion
  • Ksheeraja is fighting against child marriages
  • Nothing will stop Samreen from becoming a surgeon
  • Sravani has already stopped 10 child marriages
  • Subhashini rises to the challenge of stopping child marriages
  • Vyjayanthi is using theatrical drama to shake people up